ILAE Academy: Level 2

Date: Asynchronous
Location: Online
Language: English

The ILAE Academy is a credit-based, structured learning environment, where you will enroll in courses, access course materials, and track your progress according to your level of proficiency in epileptology as categorized in the ILAE Curriculum. The curriculum is organized into three levels – entry, proficiency and advanced. Level 2 is the proficiency level.

Level 2 of patient care covers a broader and deeper spectrum of knowledge and skills in epileptology. The complexity of the very different forms of epilepsy, the diversity of underlying etiologies, and the large number of available investigations that have to be prioritized and selected on the basis of electroclinical indications and cost-effectiveness require specific training beyond that of general neurology or child neurology expertise. Proficiency in video-EEG and MRI interpretation are considered absolute prerequisites for those neurologists and child neurologists practicing clinical epileptology. Similarly, the complexity of available therapeutic strategies and their immediate and long-term consequences require motivation, knowledge, and adaptation of professional behavior to ensure best clinical practice.

Admission into the ILAE Academy Level 2 proficiency program is open to individuals who either have earned the Level 1 entry certificate or successfully passed the Self-Assessment. The Level 2 program utilizes a blended learning approach, requiring both the completion of the online program and face-to-face ILAE courses to obtain the Level 1 certificate.