The International League Against Epilepsy Gateways provide easy access to the information and resources needed by professionals working to improve lives affected by epilepsy.

All three interactive Gateways provide opportunities for professionals to share examples of activities and projects that are helping to close treatment and inclusion gaps, as well as achieve the ten targets within the Intersectoral Global Action Plan on Epilepsy and Other Neurological Disorders (IGAP).

  • The ILAE Gateway to IGAP Resources: EPI-ACT offers tools and examples for ILAE chapter leaders and epilepsy advocates to use while developing country-specific goals to improve engagement, plans, information, access, care pathways, and training and education, as related to epilepsy research and treatment, in order to fulfill the ten IGAP targets. 
  • The ILAE Gateway to Innovative Projects features ongoing projects in epilepsy care, research, advocacy, and more that aim to bridge treatment and inclusion gaps worldwide. The database allows professionals and scientists to submit details about their projects to encourage collaboration, engage possible funders, and help the global epilepsy community identify opportunities for advancement. An interactive map shows where projects are taking place around the world. This Gateway is designed to support IGAP Target 4.2: doubling research output by 2031.
  • The ILAE Gateway to Learning and Career Development (coming soon) will provide an easy way to access the ILAE Curriculum, our Learning Academies, regional training courses, schools and workshops. This Gateway will also feature a ‘one stop shop’ for registering interest in fellowships and career development travel bursaries as well as visiting lectureships and other educational exchanges. This Gateway is designed to support IGAP Target 5.1: 50% increase in epilepsy service coverage by 2031.


For more information about ILAE, please visit our website www.ilae.org or contact us at info@ilae.org.