ILAE Academy: Level 1

Date: Asynchronous
Location: Online
Languages: English, Spanish

The ILAE Academy is a credit-based, structured learning environment, where you will enroll in courses, access course materials, and track your progress according to your level of proficiency in epileptology as categorized in the ILAE Curriculum. The curriculum is organized into three levels – entry, proficiency and advanced. Level 1 is the entry level.

Level 1 is intended for clinicians trained in adult and child neurology, internists, pediatricians, and psychiatrists who manage patients with epilepsy, and may also be of interest to other professionals involved in providing care to people with epilepsy. This level covers the basic principles in clinical epileptology which are needed to manage the most common forms of seizures and types of epilepsy, as well as to provide first-line drug treatment.

Participants who complete the Level 1 program are eligible for the Level 1 certificate from ILAE.