Training on diagnosis and management of paediatric epilepsy for medical staff and training of community health workers in identification and follow up of children with epilepsy

The aim of the project is to increased adequate care and treatment for paediatric epilepsy in Ndola, Zambia.


  • Training seminars and follow up of medical staff in epilepsy
  • Set up of an epilepsy ward inside Cicetekelo Clinic for children (including disable children or from the neighbourhood)
  • Training of community health workers
  • Outreach activities addressing people with epilepsy
  • Lobbying activities towards MoH
  • Provision of medicines for epilepsy (fundraising and agreement with MoH)
  • Awareness activities on epilepsy

Start date: 1 February 2022 | Proposed end date: 1 February 2025
Region: Africa
Languages: English, Bemba
Lead institution: Association Pope John XXIII
Location: Ndola, Zambia
Principal investigator / organizer: Centro Laici Italiani per le Missioni (CELIM)
Patient age: Pediatric
Type of project: Community education, Advocacy, Stigma, Capacity building, Healthcare professional education
Funding sources: European Union
Project needs: Medication

Contact: Ornella Ciccone, Istituto Serafico di Assisi (Italy), Children’s Hospital University Teaching Hospitals (Zambia)