Tele-health project Africa

This project involves free treatment of epilepsy using tele-health means. The project is organised by the Epilepsy Alliance Africa as a way of ensuring that people with epilepsy who have no access to neurologists get access. All African countries are able to participate in the project. The project is organised as follows:

  1. Main centre based in Morocco where neurologists use online platforms to reach out to patients
  2. Country centres where a coordinator arranges for people with epilepsy to join the online clinic

Start date: 1 January 2020
Regions: Africa, Eastern Mediterranean
Languages: English, French, Arabic
Lead institution: Epilepsy Alliance Africa (EAA)
Location: Marrakech, Morocco
Principal investigator / organizer: Professor Najib Kissani
Patient age: All ages
Type of project: Clinical
Funding sources: Foundation
Project needs: Volunteers, Medication
Related publications: Nekesa, S. et al (2021) Epilepsy Alliance Africa (EAA)’s pan-African model of epilepsy management, education, awareness, advocacy and capacity building. African Journal of Social Work, 11(3), 119-125.

Contact: Samuel Chigamba