Lifeline Express Epilepsy Project

This project combines patient care, patient and community epilepsy awareness, training of local doctors and research. It is conducted by a team of neurologists and epilepsy educators on the Lifeline Express which is a mobile hospital serving rural Indian communities for 30 years. Each project lasts for 1.5 to 2 days over a weekend. About 10 projects are conducted each year. Patients are diagnosed and started on AEDs and counselled about epilepsy. They are also provided at least one month of free AEDs to get started.

Start date: 6 July 2009
Region: Asia & Oceania
Language: English, Hindi
Lead institution: Lifeline Express (Impact India Foundation)
Location: India
Principal investigator / organizer: Mamta Bhushan Singh
Patient age: All ages
Type of project: Clinical, Community education, Research, Advocacy, Capacity building, Healthcare professional education
Funding sources: Personal, Government, Institutional, Foundation
Project needs: Volunteers, Equipment, Funding, Medication
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Contact: Mamta Bhushan Singh