Ictal Registry for Status Epilepticus

ICTAL Registry is a multicentre open cohort of critically ill patients with convulsive, non-convulsive or psychogenic non-epileptic status epilepticus. Observational methods are applied to collect uniform data. The goal of the ICTAL Registry is to collect high-quality information on a large number of patients, thereby allowing elucidation of the pathophysiological mechanisms involved in mortality and morbidity. The registry structure is modular, with a large core data set and the opportunity for research teams to create satellite data sets for observational or interventional studies (e.g., cohort multiple randomised controlled trials, cross-sectional studies and short-term and long-term longitudinal outcome studies). The availability of core data will hasten patient recruitment to studies, while also decreasing costs. Importantly, the vast amount of data from a large number of patients will allow valid subgroup analyses, which are expected to identify patient populations requiring specific treatment strategies. The results of the studies will have a broad spectrum of application, particularly given the multidisciplinary approach used by the IctalGroup research network.

Start date: 1 January 2018 | Proposed end date: 1 January 2028
Region: Europe
Language: French
Lead institution: IctalGroup non-profit organization
Location: France
Principal investigator / organizer: St├ęphane Legriel
Patient age: Adult
Type of project: Research
Funding sources: Personal, Faith based
Project needs: Funding
Related publications (PMID): 35168989

Contact Person: St├ęphane Legriel, IctalGroup non-profit organization