GEMSTONE – Genetically Engineering Experimental Models: Enhancement of scientific and technological excellence and innovation potential to study neurodevelopmental diseases

GEMSTONE will advance ACU’s scientific research and innovative capacity in strategic areas of gene engineering technologies and neuroscience with focus on the neurodevelopmental aspects of brain disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy. GEMSTONE will strengthen collaboration with and capitalizing on knowledge transfer from one high-ranking foreign European academic institution (ULUND) and one non-profit organisation (ICONS). GEMSTONE will create opportunities for bilateral exchange of scientific knowledge and technical skills and training opportunities for researchers in hard and soft skills, supported by naturally convergent research interests. The project will result in increased scientific productivity, more active participation of ACU in national/international conferences and grants, and new networking and collaboration opportunities, which will increase the attractiveness, competitiveness and visibility of ACU within the global neuroscience community.

A second pillar in the project will ensure that ACU researchers are adequately supported to express their potential. Staff of ACU Research Project Office and other research support services will be provided with the necessary knowledge and skills to guide researchers in submitting successful grant applications, attracting funds, communication research results and translating them to clinics and/or in commercial products. Lessons learned in the performance of research and in research management and administration will be collected in a best practice book and disseminated to other universities and governments in Widening countries. Ultimately, by increasing ACU researchers’ scientific profile and ACU research management, administration and communication capacities, the project will decrease the disparities among ACU and the top-class leading counterparts at the European level.

Start date: 1 October 2022 | Proposed end date: 30 September 2025
Region: Europe
Language: English
Lead institution: Acibadem University
Location: Instabul, Turkey
Principal investigator / organizer: Prof. Filiz Onat
Patient age: All ages
Type of project: Research, Capacity building
Funding source: European Research Executive Agency
Project needs: New research collaborations

Contact Person: Prof. Filiz Onat, Acibadem University