EpiNet Project

EpiNet comprises a secure international patient database. Data can be collected about all people with epilepsy in a systematic manner. The goals are to establish registries, and to run large, simple, pragmatic, randomised controlled trials. Trials will be investigator-initiated and independent. We want to create a culture in which epileptologists will automatically seek to enter patients into registries and/or randomised controlled trials when there is uncertainty regarding the optimal treatment. The database is also designed to provide a useful clinical tool for the clinicians who use it. EpiNet records can be linked with other electronic medical records.

Start date: 1 January 2011
Regions: Africa, Asia & Oceania, Eastern Mediterranean, Europe, Latin America, North America
Language: English
Location: International
Principal investigator / organizer: Peter Bergin
Patient age: All ages
Type of project: Clinical, Research
Funding sources: Government, Institutional, Private, Foundation, Consumer organization
Project needs: Volunteers, Funding, Neurologists and epileptologists anywhere can become Investigators
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Contact: Erica Beilharz, EpiNet Administrator