Center to Center Program to improve the care of patients with epilepsy in the Caribbean: Pilot application for Trinidad and Tobago

The main goal is to improve the ability of neurologists in underserved regions to diagnose and treat patients with epilepsy by creating a collaborative Center to Center Program between an expert center (University of Montreal Health Center) and a center in an underserved region (Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Trinidad and Tobago) that wants to develop capacity to treat epilepsy. This will be done over a period of two years through:

  • Fourteen monthly webinars on various topics related to epilepsy
  • Monthly one-hour tele-educational clinical grand rounds
  • In-person visits: two-month visit by the mentee to the mentor site and two in-person visits of the mentee site by the mentor for a three-day epilepsy educational symposium

Start date: 1 June 2019 | Proposed end date: 31 December 2024
Region: North America
Language: English
Lead institution: University of Montreal Health Center
Location: Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Trinidad and Tobago
Principal investigator / organizer: Dang Khoa Nguyen
Patient age: All ages
Type of project: Clinical, Capacity building, Healthcare professional education
Funding sources: Personal, Professional society, ILAE-North America
Project needs: Volunteers, Equipment, Funding

Contact: Dang Khoa Nguyen