Assessment of cognitive impairment and potential biomarkers in adults with epilepsy in a tertiary care setting

Epilepsy is often associated with cognitive impairment and that can have a profound impact on the quality of life of patients. There are no established biomarkers for diagnosing cognitive impairment in persons with epilepsy. The objective of our project is to assess the relationship between blood biomarkers and cognitive impairment in persons with epilepsy and also to assess few markers in the resected tissue samples of epilepsy patients.

Start date: 1 November 2022 | Proposed end date: 1 November 2024
Region: Asia and Oceania
Languages: English, Hindi
Lead institution: Jamia Hamdard and All India Institute of Medical Sciences
Location: New Delhi, India
Principal investigator / organizer: Prof. Dr. Divya Vohora
Patient age: Adults, Older adults (>60 years old)
Type of project: Clinical
Funding sources: Personal, University
Project needs: Equipment, Funding

Contact: Prof. Dr. Divya Vohora